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SOLD: Alterations Store


New Buyer assumes existing lease terms, and Seller agrees to some short term financing.

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SOLD: Hair Salon


For asking price and Buyer gets a new lease term at favorable terms.

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Video: Getting Funds for your Business


Informative video about how to finance your business for a SBA loan.

Besides digging up personal savings, most common means of financing are: Home Equity, Retirement Accounts, SBA, Angel Investors.
The common requirements for all outside funding are: Sound, established business, and Good books/Tax Returns

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Update: FAQs by Business Buyers


Added a new FAQ page for Buyers looking to buy a business in Austin, TX. A few answers to the basic questions like "buying a business in Austin", or 'how to buy a business'.
If you are a qualified and a willing Buyer, it helps to understand the various steps involved in the process of becoming an owner of an existing business.


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Update: FAQs about Business Valuations


When it comes time to sell the business, owners are usually wondering on what it takes to calculate the value of the business or how to do your own business valuation. Typically they will have a notion about multiple of sales or multiple of profits as a rule of thumb.
Added a page that entails most Frequently Asked Questions about 'business valuations' and what it takes to prepare a business for the market.


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Update: New FAQs page for Business Owners in Austin


Based upon requests, added a new FAQ page for business owners to answer some basic questions like "how to sell my business in Austin', or 'selling my Austin Business'.
It's a list of most frequently encountered question when it comes time to sell your business in Austin and surrounding areas of Central Texas, and it could be helpful for business owners to prepare their business for sale and assist them in picking up the right business broker.


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Archive: The Worst and the Best S.B.A. List for 2015


(from the Monthly Newsletter January 2015)

S.B.A does not lend money. Instead, it's an insurance agency that protects the bank. There's usually a upfront guarantee fee that gets built into the loan. There is no technical limit on the amount of intangible assets (GOODWILL) that can be financed. However, if the amount exceeds $500,000, the borrower, with perhaps the assistance of the seller, must provide an equity injection of at least 25% of the purchase price.

Here is a list of '10 most friendly' and '10 least friendly' businesses as far as S.B.A loans go:

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SOLD: Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Franchise business


Seller received offer of full 'Asking Price', and upon completion of Due Diligence and training from Franchiser, closed Escrow and the business was transferred to the new owner.
Seller financed a small portion at market rate.

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