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Listing 17391

Business Type: Prepared Food Supplier
Location: Las Vegas
Asking Price: $2,800,000
Gross Sales: $4,847,484
Net Income: $898,138
3 Years Average Cash Flow: $799,231
Down Payment: $750,000
Status: In Escrow
Score: 80%
ROI: 29%

A rare opportunity to acquire a profitable food related business at this scale. USDA certified facility of 14,000+ square feet catering to the needs of casinos, conventions and events. Being well equipped and having the capacity and fulfil complex requests at short notice, they are the preferred vendor of local chefs.
Since 2016, sales have been growing 20% or higher YOY. 2018 revenues were substantially higher than projections.  With employees ranging form 40 to 70 as needed, the core management staff will stay and continue to run the operations at the direction of the new owner. Seller is available for consultation for a 12 month period to guide the new owners through the entire annual cycle.
The ideal candidate to procure this business must have proven experience in running a food operation of this scale and a track record of managing employees and customers. The client base is accustomed to expecting great service and products, and in order to keep thriving, the new owner must have the knowledge and confidence of working at a fast pace.
No Seller financing is anticipated but a well qualified Buyer with a strong resume and a financial statement should be able to be accepted for the pre-approved SBA acquisition loan.

Agent: Sunil Z. Verma contact at 512-800-7085

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