• Why Austin Business Brokers℠? Why you should do business with us?
  • Buyers:To get the best lifestyle that you dream of.
  • Sellers:To get the best return for your efforts.
  • Agents:To get the best results for your ethical work.
  • Austin Business Brokers, Inc.The common link.

Whether you want to buy, sell or enable that process, Austin Business Brokers℠ is to your advantage.



  • Commission based Business sales representation: We offer two listing programs.
  • Transaction Supervision: Service for Buyers & Sellers on independent mutual transactions, to formalize an Asset Purchase Agreement and finalize it in Escrow. Services start at $2,995.00 This is a 'fee based' services for Buyers and Sellers to consummate private transactions.
  • Business Valuation with Recast P&L's. Additionally, we provide an Independent Analysis report based on 20 internal factors covering the fundamental aspects of the specific business. Find out why a Business Valuation may be essential:
  • Fee based Buyer Representation: There are at any given time, a number of businesses for sale that can be suitable to the buyer's need. Brokers are paid commission by Sellers of the business. If you need a Broker on your side, we offer a Fee/Commission based service and represent you in the transaction. A Buyer Representation Agreement and Retainer is required. You would also need to furnish a Financial Statement and a Resume. In most instances, the Listing Broker will co-operate, and you may not have to pay any commissions.
  • Business Search for Acquisition: If you are looking to acquire a business and have specific parameters (geographical, price range, revenues etc.) outlined, we can proactively search and solicit businesses on your behalf. Again, an agreement and a nominal Retainer is required. Once a suitable business is located and the transaction completed, most often the initial retainer is credited back from the commission earned.
  • Lease Representation: For Tenants or Landlords.
  • Commercial Property Representation: For Buyers or Sellers.
  • New Start-up Business Consultation:Setting up as a Corporation or Sole-Proprietorship.
  • Marketing Consultation: Getting your business ready to be on the market