Business Valuations

growth What is your business worth? Knowing your personal credit score is a good idea. So is having a will drawn up. Similarly, if you own a business, it's always a good idea what it's value is. Most obvious benefits are:

  • Knowing how much your business is worth today compared to a year ago.
  • Help you analyze and improve on your positives and fix what's wrong with it.
  • Calculate your revenue per employee.
  • Help to qualify your business for a bank loan or for other sources of Financing.
  • Plan your future and retirement.
  • Put together a succession plan.
  • If someone were to walk up to you and made an offer to buy your business, don't you want to know if the price was fair or not? Is the offer too good to refuse?

One of the smartest investments any business owner can make is to get a valuation of their business. There are many reasons to get a Valuation done. Divorce, Bank Loans, Employee Stock Option Purchase, Liquidation etc. However, to get a Valuation for the purpose of knowing its Fair Market Value if you were to sell your business, we offer you a low price Valuation. In fact, before we put it on the market, we generate a Valuation Report for every business we list to sell. This not only helps the business Seller, but also makes the business Buyer understand what he is buying and why the asking price is reasonable. Our Valuation+ Package contains the following:

  • Business Valuation Summary and Detailed Report taking into account:

    Asset Based Approach

    Market Based Approach

    Income Based Approach (most Valuation reports for a going concern rely on this approach)

  • Internal Analysis to determine Sell-ability Score.
  • Business Price Justification.
  • Industry Report with Benchmark data, Expert ratings, Industry trend, and general information specific to your industry.

Whether you are looking to sell your business now or later, it makes sense to know it's worth at all times, and use the Valuation Report as a tool to improve your business. Valuation+ is a program for Business Owners to get an annual low cost update on their Valuation. It gives them the required discipline to keep increasing the value of their business. So when it comes time to sell, they have all the confidence of selling their business for the price they expect.
For more information, visit our Seller Frequently Asked Questions about Business Valuations Why not invest on your business and call us for a Valuation+ Report? Click here to Contact us for a Valuation