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New Listing: Electrical Service Company

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Electrical Service company

Successful Electrical Service company is located in the booming construction market in Austin. Average Seller Discretionary Income for the past 3 years has been over $275,000 and the current owner has to turn away business only because he has other investments to take care of. Therefore, he has decided to put in on the market and is being offered for $595,000. About 75% of the revenues are from commercial accounts and Residential business makes up about 25% of the sales. Besides the owner, there are 6 employees most of them journeymen, apprentice and Master Electrician. The new owner is required to have a Contractor's License and a Master's Electrician's License. There is a qualified employee in place to operate the business while the new owner gets his license in place. Additionally, the seller as a Master Electrician can be available to be on the payroll. The ideal Buyer will be a technically and financially qualified operator. This is a home based business, and an excellent acquisition opportunity for an existing Electrical business to expand it's market share without duplicating overheads. The operations are run from a 3 acre property to house the vehicles and equipment. The property is commercial zoned with plans to develop. The property is available for an additional $165,000 with the business and property package for $750,000. An all cash transaction is desired but there may be some financing available for an experienced Buyer with collateral.