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New Listing: Dumpster Rental/Trash Hauling


Trash Hauling and Dumpster Rental

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New Listing: Electrical Service Company


Successful Electrical Service company is located in the booming construction market in Austin. Average Seller Discretionary Income for the past 3 years has been over $275,000 and the current owner has to turn away business only because he has other investments to take care of. Therefore, he has decided to put in on the market and is being offered for $595,000. About 75% of the revenues are from commercial accounts and Residential business makes up about 25% of the sales. Besides the owner, there are 6 employees most of them journeymen, apprentice and Master Electrician.

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New Listing: Established Landscaping Business


After nearly 40 years in the business, the owner is ready to retire and hand over this established Landscaping business to a new owner. With over 130 residential and 50+ commercial accounts this business has earned a reputation by word of mouth and retained the accounts for decades. The owner manages the office and keeps the crew of six full time and one part time employee busy. Business week is Monday-Friday so there's room for improvement by taking some business for weekends. Priced to sell, this is a great business for a young entrepreneur to build and expand.

Asking: $80,000

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Video: Getting Funds for your Business


Informative video about how to finance your business for a SBA loan.

Besides digging up personal savings, most common means of financing are: Home Equity, Retirement Accounts, SBA, Angel Investors.
The common requirements for all outside funding are: Sound, established business, and Good books/Tax Returns

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Archive: The Worst and the Best S.B.A. List for 2015


(from the Monthly Newsletter January 2015)

S.B.A does not lend money. Instead, it's an insurance agency that protects the bank. There's usually a upfront guarantee fee that gets built into the loan. There is no technical limit on the amount of intangible assets (GOODWILL) that can be financed. However, if the amount exceeds $500,000, the borrower, with perhaps the assistance of the seller, must provide an equity injection of at least 25% of the purchase price.

Here is a list of '10 most friendly' and '10 least friendly' businesses as far as S.B.A loans go:

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