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Listing 17427

Business Type: Food Distribution
Location: Las Vegas
Asking Price: $475,000
Gross Sales: $1,200,000
Net Income: $121,595
3 Years Average Cash Flow: $126,638
Down Payment: $475,000
Status: Available
Score: 67%
ROI: 27%

If you are looking for an established, steady business, the seller is retiring and motivated to sell.
Importer of fine European foods and condiments, most sales are to local restaurants, retail stores and bakeries. Owner works full time 5 days a week and has 3 full time employees making deliveries. Comes with a descriptive website that does some retail sales and inventory worth $300k and all the fixtures and equipment and two vehicles do run the business.
If you are looking for a stress free, well run business that consistently earns $125,000 annually, this may be a good option.

Agent: Sunil Z. Verma contact at 512-800-7085

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